Pine Chapel Baptist Church

1544 W. Queen Street
Hampton, Virginia

The Church at the CROSSROADS Teaching the Cross of Christ

Music Ministry

“Speak to one another with psalms,
hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.”

– Ephesians 5:19


Music at Pine Chapel Baptist

Music at Pine Chapel Baptist Church


There are approximately 770 references to music in the Bible, and music plays and important and vital role in the worship of God here at Pine Chapel.

Worship at Pine Chapel is considered blended in style, meaning we use worship music and hymns of the past along with Southern Gospel music and contemporary music of the present day.

Pastor Paul Lewis leads the Adult Choir and schedules the weekly music specials.

Pianist Merry Lewis and Organist Michelle Paxton accompany the Adult Choir and the congregation during Hymns.

We often have a SingSpiration in place of an evening service, where members or guests may sing a song, play an instrument, read a poem, or give a testimony. This has proven to be a great way to share your musical talent, to share your love for God, and to be entertained and enlightened by your fellow Christians.


Praise Band Photo

PCBC Praise Band

The Praise Band, under the direction of Tony and Sandy Dianna and Andrew Myers, currently features Adam, Allen, Emily, Faith, Jordan, Lauren, Leah, Marissa, Mary and Timi.
Anyone interested in becoming a part of this ministry is welcome.

The Praise Band performs Contemporary Christian music during the Youth-Led Worship Service, the third Sunday of every month.

The Riverdale Quartet

Riverdale Quartet

Pine Chapel is the home church of the Riverdale Quartet, and we also have many talented vocalists and musicians that perform solo or as part of a group.

There are plenty of opportunities for anyone that has the desire to be part of this ministry.

Even though the piano and the organ are still our primary worship instruments, we do use other instruments and instrumental tracks to accompany our choirs or soloists.

There is no greater blessing in life than to see people become aware of the presence of God in their lives as they seek to serve Him in using their God-given talents through music.

It is exciting to see God use His music as a tool to communicate His grace, love and salvation.

Sound Recording Equipment

Worship Recordings and Audio Library

We routinely make audio Compact Disc (CD) recordings of the Morning Worship Service and other special events and have been doing so since Christmas 2006.

Our (newly created) audio library also includes recordings of the 2006 Adult and Youth Christmas Musicals, the 2007 Easter Cantata, and the Youth's "Maundy Thursday" service.

If you would like to borrow a copy of any of these recordings, request a personal copy of any recorded service (Love Offering appreciated), or if you would like to request that a particular service be recorded, please send a request by e-mail.