Pine Chapel Baptist Church

1544 W. Queen Street
Hampton, Virginia

The Church at the CROSSROADS Teaching the Cross of Christ

About Us

“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men,
knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance;
for you serve the Lord Christ.”

– Colossians 3:23-24

Who We Are

Pine Chapel Baptist Church is a community of Christians intent on loving God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength.

We are large enough to provide quality ministries for children, youth, and adults, while intimate enough to nurture
meaningful relationships.

We are a blend of traditional and contemporary worshipers and ministries united in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
We have Bible Study classes for children and teens, as well as dynamic classes for adults.

Each Sunday morning and evening we worship God together with singing, teaching, and reading from God’s Word.
Come join us to strengthen your walk with God.

We believe that praying together is one of the most important duties of Christians.

Wednesday evenings are an intimate time of fellowship, sharing, and prayer.

History of PCBC

1938 to Present….

Pine Chapel Baptist Church began May 1938, as a Mission Sunday School. The Sunday School met weekly and the worship services were held monthly by one of Hampton’s ministers. In 1939 the Mission purchased land and built a chapel at 198 Pine Chapel road (known as Speegle Village). The congregation donated time and labor to build it. The chapel was completed in 1940. On January 3, 1941 fire destroyed Speegle Village Baptist Church (Pine Chapel Baptist) and its contents. Plans began immediately for a new building which was completed and dedicated February 22, 1942. On May 24, 1942 the Mission was organized into a church. This was the beginning of what is now Pine Chapel Baptist Church. It started with 42 members. Reverend C.L. Fisher was called to be the first pastor May 31, 1942. Reverend Fisher and his wife would not accept any salary until the church was paid for. He worked at the Newport News Shipyard in the day and at the church at night. The Church submitted a petition for membership in the Peninsula Association on May 4, 1943. Pine Chapel was accepted at the next association meeting.

By 1943 membership was 75 with 136 members in Sunday School. In 1944 the church membership had increased to 91. During 1946 and 1947 the church averaged 15-20 new members. By 1948 the church membership was 156 with 189 in Sunday School. The church library was begun in June of 1946. It was named the Ballew Memorial Library in memory of Mr. A.H. Ballew, charter member and deacon, and for Mrs. Ethel S. Ballew. Reverend Fisher resigned November 9, 1947 and on December 1, 1947 Reverend Samuel Union, Jr. was called to be Pine Chapel’s second pastor. Reverend Union also worked in the Shipyard. Membership continued to grow, so in the fall of 1948 plans for a new sanctuary were drawn up. The cornerstone was laid in September by Mr. L.O. Savage, Mr. J.J. Kiker and Mr. T. A. Kilpatrick. Reverend Union resigned as pastor June 16, 1954 feeling the church needed a full-time pastor.

On June 20, 1954, Reverend John E. Barrow accepted the call to be Pine Chapel’s first full time pastor. During his pastorate, the congregation grew to 304. With the growth of the membership, there was a need for more space. A youth building was built and dedicated in January 1955. Reverend Barrow resigned October 2, 1955 and the church called Reverend L.W. Gill on December 18, 1955. During the four and a half years Reverend Gill served, the membership grew from 304 to 544. Reverend Gill resigned in 1960, feeling he had fulfilled God’s purpose for him at Pine Chapel.

On July 1, 1960, Reverend R.C. Shearin accepted the call to be pastor. During his first year, 142 new members were added to the membership. A deaf Bible Class was started on September 13, 1963. The Sunday School and worship services to were interpreted. This was the first such service to be started on the Peninsula. The first paid Minister of Music, Mrs. Delbert Taylor, was hired in November 1964. For three years she brought inspiration to the worship service through her music and singing. While still serving as pastor, Reverend Shearin had a heart attack and died September 17, 1969. Reverend Fisher returned and served as interim pastor until Reverend George Wollett, Jr. was called April 7, 1969.

In 1973 the church hired a summer educational worker to work with the children and youth, the summer worker was Miss Alice Faye Pool. She brought spiritual guidance to the children and exciting games, crafts and stories that continue to remain in their memories. A decline in attendance began in the sixties and continued into the seventies. There were some problems that arose among the members that led to some of the members leaving and later forming Coliseum Baptist Church. Reverend Wollett left Pine Chapel on July 30, 1978. The church was led the following ten months by determination and dedication from the deacons. The pulpit was filled by different people until Reverend Ernest Myers was called on June 1, 1979. With the arrival of Reverend Myers, the church began a spectacular growth in all areas of church ministry.

On September 11, 1980, the Long-Range Planning Committee recommended the church sell the building and purchase new land at 1544 West Queen Street. Construction began on the new building June 21, 1982 and was completed November 14, 1982. A dedication service was held on December 6, 1982 and the children’s wing was named in memory of Reverend C. L. Fisher, the first pastor of Pine Chapel. On September 11, 1983, the Church hired a part-time Associate Pastor/Youth Minister, Fred Lane. His work greatly improved our youth department, numerically and in spiritual growth. Fred left in July, 1984 to take a full time position in Virginia Beach. Tom Nidifer became our Music Director in April, 1985 and quickly led our music program in new and exciting directions until he too left to take a full time position in December, 1987. Jan Smithson became Youth Director in May, 1985 and rapidly won a place in our hearts until she left in June, 1989 to go back to school. Paul Lewis became our Music Director on February, 1988 and has ably led our music program from that date. He and his family continue to be a real asset in all areas of church life. Ernie Myers left Pine Chapel in September, 1990 to take over the Pastorate at Deep Creek Baptist. Our sadness over losing this fine man of God and his family was tempered by our rejoicing over the growth of his personal ministry. Reverend Don Stroud did a fine job as Interim Pastor and the spiritual well being of the church remained high, thanks to his efforts and the pulling together in harmony and hard work by our fellowship. Keith Ellen was Youth Director from June, 1990 until March, 1991 and Jerry Paxton in June and July, 1991. Though their time with us was short they both did a fine job. This history would not be complete without thanking Mrs. Dorothy Cook our Church Secretary who has been invaluable in her service to us for over 22 years.

On June 1, 1991 Dr. Don Jones became pastor of our church and he and his family immediately became an integral part of the fellowship of our church. During this time, the church debt was reduced to $133,730; one loan to the Virginia Baptist Extension Board was paid off; a new roof and new sign were installed, being replaced because of wind damage; a new septic tank installed; and new office equipment purchased, including a computer and copy machine. Dr. Jones served the church three years, until September 1994.

October 1, 1994’s membership was 692 with 309 being resident members; Sunday School enrollment was 137 with average attendance of 51; and Woman’s Missionary Union had 3 officers and 14 members. The Lottie Moon Christmas offering was $1,704.00 in December 1994. Dr. Tew accepted the call as Interim Pastor November 21, 1994 until September 1995. During his call an interim pastor his hard work and dedication was greatly appreciated. Dr. Tew holds a special place in our hearts and prayers.

Reverend Ronnie Snead was called to pastor Pine Chapel Baptist Church in September 1995. He served the church until May 2000, a total of four and half years. During this time, the church debt of $106,000.00 was paid in full and a building fund was established. A steering committee was formed to review the possibility of renovation and addition to the church. As of December 2000 a total of over $55,900.00 was in the fund. Under Reverend Ronnie Snead’s guidance and leadership, Billy Owen, Greg Crabb and Allan Passaro were ordained as Deacons of Pine Chapel Baptist Church.

In June 2000, Reverend Frank Earwood accepted the call as Interim Pastor and served until October 2001. We greatly honor Reverend Earwood and his wife Marie as they became members of Pine Chapel Baptist Church. Reverend Earwood provided leadership, hard work, created unity, and brought GOD’s word to us in a very special way during his call as Interim Pastor.

November 2001 brought Reverend Richard Dorman to Pine Chapel as he accepted and became pastor with emphasis on a strong ministry in evangelism and children’s church. He served the church until May 2004, a total of two and a half years. During this time, the church hired Chris Grohman, who was ordanined and served the church as the Associate Pastor of Youth. Renovation of the choir/youth room was done during this period of time.

In June 2004, once again Reverend Frank Earwood answered the call to be our Interim Pastor and served until December 2005. During this time, the pulpit area in our santuary was renovated and the kitchen was remodeled. Reverend Earwood provided healing, created unity, and provided encouraging messages from GOD’s word to us during his call as Interim Pastor.

On January 1, 2006, Reverend Mark Reon began his ministry at Pine Chapel. Reverend Reon has brought strong moral and family values to Pine Chapel, along with the belief that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and without error, and that the church is the body of Christ. He believes in loving and caring for one another, reaching the lost, and sharing his love for JESUS.
Pastor Frank served in various capacities after Pastor Mark’s arrival, including ministering at children’s parties and leading the youth Sunday school class.

In February 2006, Associate Pastor of Youth Chris Grohman and his family left Pine Chapel and returned to their home state of Pennsylvania.

In June 2006, Penny Jones accepted the call to become the Youth Director at Pine Chapel. Penny brings to the church her love of JESUS, her enthusiasm for serving and ministering to the youth, and her dedication in serving Christ.

Randy Fields served as Interim from April until September 2009, at which time he returned to the mission field. The church formed a special bond with the Fields family and decided to financially and spiritually support them in their ministry.

Rev. Allen Hopkins accepted the call to be PCBC Pastor, beginning October 18, 2009. Just recently, Pastor Hopkins felt that it was time for him to retire and enjoy time with his wife, Faye. Pastor Hopkins may no longer be getting up early to come into the church office but pastors never really retire!


We Believe

† There is only one true and Living God.
† God exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
† God created Heaven and Earth in 6 days
† Jesus Christ is the Word Who Became Flesh and dwelt among us
† Jesus Christ is God’s only begotten Son
† Jesus is the only Savior
† Jesus was born of a virgin
† Jesus was Crucified and Dead and Buried
† Jesus arose from the dead on the third day
† Jesus ascended into Heaven and now sits at God’s Right Hand
† Jesus is returning soon for His Own.
† All men are guilty of sin
† There is a Literal Heaven and Hell
† The Holy Spirit exalts Christ
† The Holy Spirit Convicts of Sin, Righteousness and Judgment
† The Holy Spirit Enlightens, Empowers, Comforts, and Counsels us
† The Bible is the Word of God
† The Bible is the only Authoritative Standard written by God
† The Bible is completely without error and is infallible
† The Bible characters are actual
† The Bible miracles are authentic

Pine Chapel Baptist Church is affiliated with the Peninsula Baptist Association, the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia.

Pastor & Staff

Pastor – Rev. David W. Parker

Associate Pastor of Music and Worship – Paul Lewis

Church Secretary – Sarah Hicks


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Pastor David ParkerI was born and raised in Hampton, VA (Phoebus) and was a graduate of Phoebus High School (class of ’83). Later I attended Thomas Nelson Community College (“Harvard by the highway”) and Christopher Newport University. In 1994 I began my studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Wake Forest, NC) and received my Master of Divinity degree in 1997.

I was ordained in January of 2001, and since then I have served in various staff positions. I served briefly as Associate Pastor of New Hope Community Church in Hampton, VA, and then served for 5 years as Pastor of Samuel Harris Memorial Baptist Church in Chatham, VA. After that I served for 2 years as Associate Pastor (and later Interim Pastor) of Fairview Heights Baptist Church in Portsmouth, VA. I began here as pastor at Pine Chapel Baptist Church in January of 2014.

I am married to my lovely wife Maria Flor Parker. She is from the Philippines and has worked for many years now in the medical profession. She works now as a certified nursing assistant at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Hampton, VA, and is currently studying to become a nurse.

You may like to know what “makes me tick” as a preacher and a teacher. I am conservative in my views of Scripture. I believe it is the inspired word of God. All of it. I believe Adam and Eve were real people, and, yes, I believe that a world-wide flood once occurred. I believe the Red Sea really parted (the Gulf of Aqaba, not a “lake of reeds” like many liberal theologians teach). I believe that Jesus Christ physically rose from the dead…and I believe He will definitely return!

I believe and teach that we all are in desperate need of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He was, is, and always shall be God the Son (2nd Person of the Trinity). We need Him. We are nothing without Him. Salvation only comes through Him.

God bless you,

Rev. David Parker


Pastor Paul Lewis is a vital part of our ministries at Pine Chapel and has been since 1988.
He and his wife Merry have two grown children (Chris and Amanda) and three grandchildren.
Born in Brevard, North Carolina he grew up in Greenville, South Carolina and is a graduate of Parker High School and Furman University in Greenville.
He has Masters Degrees in both Church Music and Religious Education from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.
Pastor Paul has served several churches in various staff positions and was ordained into the Gospel Ministry at North Riverside Baptist Church in Newport News, Virginia.


Sarah Hicks, Church SecretarySarah Hicks started her secretarial ministry at PCBC in November 2003.
She loves serving the Lord, the members of Pine Chapel, and assisting the pastors and volunteers
in their calling to minister to God’s people.
Her lifestyle verse is Psalm 51:10, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”


Pastor Frank EarwoodPastor Frank was honored as Pastor Emeritus at Pine Chapel Baptist Church on June 4, 2006. He has served as our Interim Pastor on two separate occasions.

Pastor Frank was born in Copperhill, Tennessee and spent most of his youth and adult years in Kannapolis, North Carolina. At the age of 19, he gave his life to Christ while attending Mount Zion Free Will Baptist Church. Their Pastor asked Frank to begin a youth ministry there, and hedeveloped the programs. One night when a speaker failed to show up, Frank had to preach, and led an 11-year-old girl to the Lord. This fueled his desire to serve the Lord through preaching, and he began preaching whenever and wherever he was asked.At age 24, Frank was licensed and ordained into the ministry by Mount Zion.

Frank moved to the Peninsula while working for Woolworth, and that is where he met Marie. Frank says that Marie is his best friend, his companion in life, and the rock that he leans on.Any success that Frank has had in his ministry over the years has been a team effort along with Marie and the Lord.Frank and Marie have two children, Greg and Theresa, as well as five grandchildren.

A number of churches in the Peninsula area have had the privilege of Frank’s leadership. He founded Fordham Baptist Church and was its Pastor for ten years. He also served as the Associate Pastor and Pastor of Youth and Children’s Ministries at Phoebus Baptist Church. He also served for five years as the Pastor of Buckroe Baptist Church, as well as Bethany Baptist Church in Newport News for ten years. Pastor Frank has worked diligently in these churches to help them become stronger houses of worship.

Pastor Frank has also presided over hundreds of funerals and performed numerous wedding ceremonies, each time either offering a glimmer of hope to those mourning the loss of a loved one, or encouraging a newly married couple to put Christ first in their lives.

From time to time churches will experience difficult circumstances. It takes a spiritual leader with a loving heart to help them through it. The Lord saw fit to put these two qualities in Pastor Frank. He served as Interim Pastor at Hall Road Baptist for eighteen months. On three different occasions, he served as the Interim Pastor at Riverdale Baptist Church, and also at Buckroe Baptist Church twice.

On two occasions in recent years, the Lord led Pastor Frank and Marie here to help us heal in our time of need. The Pine Chapel family will always be grateful for their leadership, words of encouragement, prayers and love. We all owe them a debt of gratitude for being there for us when we needed loving leaders to help us through our difficult times.

We are proud to have Pastor Frank and Marie as part of the Pine Chapel family, and prayerfully look forward to what God will do through them in the future.

News & Calendar

Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.
CLOSED – Fridays

First Sunday of the month
A.K.A. Donut Day 

9:45 AM – Joint Opening Assembly!  Join us for a little fellowship time, a cup of coffee and a donut!

Wednesday evenings at 6:00PM
Bible Study on “The Eternal Realities”

Come join us as we fellowship together and learn from God’s Word.
There will be coffee and a tasty treat!

Don’t feel comfortable attending in person? You may watch the Bible study on Facebook!



February 2024

Sunday, February 4
9:45 am – Opening Assembly and Sunday School
11:00 am – Worship Service
12:00 pm – Deacons Meeting (If needed)

Saturday, February 10
6:00 pm – Happy Hearts Banquet

Sunday, February 18
9:45 am – Sunday School
11:00 am – Worship Service and Kazakhstan Offering

Monday, February 19
Presidents Day
6:00pm – Executive Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 21
6:00 pm – Covered Dish Family Dinner
This month we’ll be eating fried chicken and whatever tasty         dish or dessert you bring. Don’t forget to feed the chicken!
7:00 pm – Business Meeting
7:45 pm – Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, February 22
11:00 am – Women On Mission Meeting